Our reports are issued with full responsibility and are ready to be defended before whomever is necessary, with all the necessary evidence.

1. Our clear work plans and budget

Every contract with R&P DETECTIVES ASOCOIIADOS SL entails a work plan and a previous budget that is never modified, economically, as long as the work orders are not modified by the client.

2. Our investigative files are clear and concise.

Our files are always clear and concise since in most cases they end up in legal proceedings.

3. We use officially licensed college detectives.

We always use qualified personnel given that if the client hires an unlicensed detective agency, the client himself may be sanctioned by the Ministry of the Interior.

4. The direction of your service will be supervised by the partners/directors of the agency.

Direct supervision by the partners/directors guarantees a comprehensive approach and detailed follow-up in each case. We promise to be fully involved in the development of investigations, ensuring that the highest professional and ethical standards are met.

5. Any information about your file within 24 hours.

Our clients come first and we answer their calls, messages or emails within 24 hours.

6. Any claim or request for information on a file made is free.

Our clients come first and if they consider that the file does not conform to what was requested and budgeted, it is carried out, again, without cost, but it entails something different from what was initially requested.

7. Confidentiality comes first.

All the investigations we carry out are confidential and, unless the client wants it to appear in the press and requests it, they will never cease to be confidential.

8. Corporate social responsibility.

R&P DETECTIVES ASOCIADOS SL is a socially responsible company. This concept includes a set of strategies that seek a balance between the economic and social dimensions of the company.


R&P detectives asociados sl, puts into operation all the necessary resources to reach the total resolution of the cases, we constantly work on updating the technological equipment based on the technological innovations that appear on the market.

  • Equipment and technical advances in research and camouflage.

    Ultramodern communication systems. Industrial counterespionage, detection and eradication of fraud.

  • Sophisticated instrumentation and components

    Photography, audio and digital video.

  • Equipement

    Transmission, sweeps, listening, reception and location.

  • Computer control and monitoring.

What do our customers say

With R&P it has been the first time that we have hired the services of private detectives. Truly, they fulfilled their professionalism and discretion in the case that we needed in our company.

I want to thank all the attention shown and received by the entire R&P DETECTIVES ASOCIADOS team, and of course if the occasion arises I will recommend you.

Great detectives, very professional and very good value for money. They have solved my problem with absolute discretion and offering me an excellent treatment. Thanks to them and their work we won the trial. 100% recommendable.
I can only thank you