Private detective, real estate investigation

The relationship between landlords and tenants is a constant source of conflict, sometimes very serious. R&P DETECTIVES ASOCIADOS SL deals with these cases and provides accurate information when there is an infringement of the Law on Urban Leases, in force since 1 January 1995.

At RP Detectives we investigate fraud and infringement of the Law on Urban Leases.

The law, and the lease itself, determines the duties and obligations of the parties involved in the tenancy.

  • Subletting: Verification of the incorrect use of a property by a tenant who charges rent to a third party as a dwelling, business premises or garage.
  • Subrogations carried out in an irregular manner.
  • Dedication to other purposes: It is investigated whether the dwelling or premises are used, without the landlord’s consent, for a purpose other than that specified in the lease.
  • Duplicity of domicile: Verification of the improper use of a rented property, when another property is owned or rented.
  • Abandonment, Assignments and non-consensual transfers.