Private detective, investigation for Insurers/Mutuals

Experts in claims investigation, we offer precise and efficient solutions for insurers and mutuals.

At RP Detectives we provide a comprehensive and rigorous approach, revealing the truth behind:

  • Investigation of claims C.I.C.O.S: Investigation on the Declaration of Accident, demonstration of its falsehood or verification of the authenticity of the claim. Links between parties, logic of the accident, legal situation of the vehicle, date and place of the same, etc…
  • Verification of Robberies – Thefts – R.C-.DIVERSOS: Contribution of clarifying evidence of the accident and circumstances, as well as the verification of the same (fraud or not) In any case, the authenticity of the accident is determined.
  • Injured – abusive claims – fraud in claims: Verification of the real and current situation of the physical and work status of the injured person, as well as any investigation regarding possible fraud. Monitoring of the subject and control over the injured party, in cases in which the existence of fraud is suspected, as well as obtaining evidence and documents that are of interest.
  • Robberies in shops, homes, businesses.
  • Claim declaration verification.
  • Theft in transport, delivery of goods.
  • Robbery lodge, status of companies, debts.
  • Other services: large fire claims, RC claims. transportation robberies.