Private Detective, Private/Family Investigation

When a conflict arises within a family, feelings come into play and do not allow the situation to be assessed with the necessary serenity and impartiality. In these situations, the contribution of a private investigation company can be crucial.

At RP Detectives we provide investigation services with discretion and confidentiality.

  • Marital unfaithfulness: Information prior to filing for separation or divorce.
  • Custody of children: Proving undue devotion to the children, or the spouse’s incapacity to do so.
  • Pensions: Determination of income, social status or standard of living, location of assets…
  • Pre-marital reports: Data on the life history and current situation of the other person.
  • Behavior of children, prevention of drug addiction, relationship with sects: A report is drawn up on the actual situation and, if necessary, an action plan is designed.
  • Search for persons: Locator of relatives in national territory and abroad. Follow-up of anonymous and threats.
  • Investigation of theft, robbery and fraud.
  • Inheritance: Location and quantification of assets.
  • Pre-employment reports on domestic staff: Confirmation of employment and academic history, labor conflicts, performance and criminal record…