Private detective, IT investigation

Strategic IT security for your business. Minimizes risk, protects critical systems and ensures business continuity in a changing environment

At RP Detectives we minimize risks by investigating and identifying IT threats to your companies.

IT Systems Security Consultancy: Aimed at companies whose IT systems are critical to their business processes. Organizations are exposed to threats of various kinds: natural disasters, accidents, breakdowns, sabotage, negligence, physical and/or logical intrusions, etc.

These services are intended to minimise the risk to which your organisation is exposed. Threats, vulnerabilities and their impact are identified and the actions to be taken are determined, seeking a balance between costs, risks and benefits, using methodologies designed for this purpose.

Our consulting services

  • IT systems audit: Review of current systems.
  • Communications audit: Review of communications systems.
  • Risk analysis: The risks to which your organization is exposed, and more specifically the critical processes, are assessed.
  • Development strategies: Assess them for a balance between costs and risks to be mitigated.
  • Intrusion Test – Cyber-Investigation: R&P DETECTIVES SL has extensive experience in private investigation, adapting its resources to new technologies.
  • Obtaining digital/electronic information and evidence in support of legal proceedings