Evidence: How private investigators can help lawyers

A private detective will be able to assist a lawyer in many situations where the truth needs to be discovered and proven. These private practitioners have become a great alliance for law firms. Nowadays, many of the lawyers who have worked with a private detective tend to repeat the experience thanks to the good results achieved with their investigations.

The possession and availability of evidence is fundamental to the conduct of litigation. Many lawyers, private individuals and even companies, whether multinational or national, have realised that having a private detective can mean winning a court case. Judges rely on facts and evidence, we can never prove a fact without evidence.


Many associations, such as the Professional Association of Private Detectives, collaborate with the Bar Association, as in this way, both can provide greater coverage to all their clients. Recall that the evidence adduced at trial is the basis for legal arguments. In such cases, the judge will rule in favor of the evidence presented. The Spanish Supreme Court and the High Court of the European Union will mention that private detectives are, before a trial, qualified witnesses.

A private detective, within Spanish law, refers to those private professionals who provide certain documentary (audiovisual evidence is the most commonly used), expert and testimonial evidence. Thanks to Spanish and European legislation, private detectives are the only professionals who can make use of hidden devices.

For lawyers, it is crucial to be able to have and possess hard evidence, as it enables them to show a fact that would otherwise have been impossible to prove.