Everything you need to know about the work of a private detective


Over the years, the profession has evolved by leaps and bounds, and today’s private detectives are becoming more and more qualified. To become a member of this group you need a university degree and accreditation from the Ministry of the Interior.

It should be noted that Spanish training is the most comprehensive in the European Union. Spanish private detectives are the best trained in Europe, because they are the only ones in Europe who need a university degree and a postgraduate degree in private investigation to obtain such a licence.

A private detective is basically a support for private or legal investigations, and a large part of his work consists of office work, as the person being investigated must first be traced via the internet.

The reports resulting from such private investigations serve as evidence in trials and cases, making private detectives privileged witnesses.


Thanks to social media and mobile technology, it is becoming easier and easier to investigate someone, making it quicker and easier for a private detective to do their job. We are all visible through our mobiles and every internet connection, we leave easily traceable traces, even the smallest detail is useful to a private investigator, from the last Whatsapp connection to our Whatsapp profile picture or even a comment from a friend on any social network. Thanks to all this and a few other things, people have become easier to control than ever before and without the need to break any laws.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to stop being part of applications and social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Private detectives take advantage of this, because thanks to the various social networks and mobile phones, they achieve half of their targets effortlessly.

Beyond technology, private detectives still need the investigation/surveillance on the street, as it has always been done. Once someone is located through social media or a mobile phone, they need to be tracked, monitored and recorded.

With the rise of private detective work thanks to social networks, the work of the computer expert has also developed. The function of the latter consists of analysing computer elements in search of data that may constitute evidence or evidence useful for the legal dispute to which he/she has been assigned.


All private investigations carried out by a private detective must have a legitimate interest, according to a court. In a nutshell, this means that you can’t hire these research services just because one person dislikes another or just because they want to ridicule them. Each investigation should be recorded and the work should be monitored from time to time by a public body, namely the police. As a result, the work of a private detective is highly supervised and organised.