Regulations on private investigation

Before agreeing to start a private investigation, private investigators must carry out a number of checks.

The Private Security Law establishes guidelines that govern the activity of private detective firms throughout the national territory. There are also clear rules on the competences of private detectives, consisting of scopes and prohibitions.

Some of the most prominent are:

1- Private detectives are obliged to give evidence, present reports or results of investigations before a court, if required by a competent judge.

2- Private detectives must be registered in the National Register of Private Security.

3- There must be a contract for investigative services, which must be signed by the private detective and the applicant. This contract must also be communicated to the Ministry of the Interior or to the relevant Community body.

4- Private detectives who do not have a licence issued by the Ministry of the Interior will not be legally authorised to carry out any type of private investigation.

5- Private detectives cannot investigate facts related to prosecutable offences, and are obliged to report the commission of an offence to the competent authority.