Private Security Act 5/2014

The private detective profession is regulated according to the Private Security Law 5/2014.

Article number 48.1:

“The private investigation services provided by private detectives shall consist of carrying out the necessary investigations to obtain and provide, on behalf of legitimate third parties, information and evidence on private conduct or events related to the following aspects:

1.- Those relating to the economic, employment, commercial, financial and, in general, personal, family or social life, except for that which takes place in homes or reserved places.

2.- Obtaining information aimed at guaranteeing the normal development of activities that take place at fairs, hotels, exhibitions, shows, events, conventions, large shopping centres, public premises with a large number of visitors or similar areas.

3.- The carrying out of investigations and obtaining of information and evidence relating to offenses that can only be prosecuted at the request of a party on behalf of the parties entitled to participate in criminal proceedings”.